Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Is Coming (and Winter)

Just wanted to say a quick hello and let you know that I should have more time and energy to update soon. Here are a couple photos from Laughfest, which ends on Sunday. We've had a great time so far volunteering and attending, but I am a little tired!

Reasons why I don't have time/energy:

  • I have a cold. Or it might be allergies. I can't tell but I hate that I have the sniffles/the watery eyes/the sneezes.
  • Laughfest, although a wonderful event, is taking up lots of my time! 

Reasons why I will soon:

  • Spring is almost here!!! The ugly black snow has finally melted and the sun's been out way more.
  • With nice weather comes better photo opportunities. I wanted to do "what I wore" posts so many times in the last few months but gave up because I'd be wearing winter boots and a coat in every one of them. I can't wait for spring clothes!
  • If you noticed the title of this post, Game of Thrones season 3 starts on the 31st!!! I am soooo pumped. 


  1. Hey there! Just noticed I had traffic today from your blog on my etsy shop ( - not sure what it came from but thanks ;D

    1. It's because I won a giveaway which includes a $20 credit to your shop! I haven't used it yet: )