Monday, January 28, 2013

Easy and Delicious Tabbouleh!

I'm not all that amazing in the kitchen, but I would love to share one of my favorite recipes with you. It's easy and healthy and only takes a few ingredients. (I get very discouraged when someone posts a great recipe but I am short about seven ingredients, grr)! So here it is, tabbouleh!

What you need:
1/2 cup bulgur wheat
Juice of 1 lemon (appx 6 tbsp)
1 cucumber
1 large or 2 medium tomatoes
1 bunch of parsley (I prefer curly leaf)
3 tbsp olive oil (the recipe I go off of uses a 1/2 cup! way too much!)

So you first juice your lemon and use 4 tbsp of that to mix with the bulgur wheat in a small bowl to help it soften. It's supposed to sit for 20-40 minutes.

Next, set that aside and chop up your parsley, tomatoes, and cucumber into pretty small pieces.
Put all of your veggies in a large bowl, and add to it the remaining lemon juice and your olive oil. The tabbouleh is best with some fresh chopped mint as well, but I usually don't spend the money because it's kind of expensive and you don't use much of it.

Finally, add your bulgur wheat/lemon juice mixture to the salad and mix it up. Tabbouleh is actually better if you let it sit overnight so that the flavors mix and the bulgur wheat is soft. Once it has sat for long enough, enjoy! It's great with falafel (I normally use a boxed mix) and pita bread and hummus, mmm. 

Bonus cat picture^.^ I let him watch: )

Let me know if you try it out! I could eat tabbouleh every day, it's so delicious!


  1. this looks amazing!

  2. I love tabbouleh! But I've never done it by soaking the bulgar wheat in the lemon juice - will have to try it some time! x