Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Feline // Meet Stevie!

It's pretty crazy I haven't done a proper post about our little bundle of love sooner, but I want to formally introduce you all to our new cat, Stevie. We got him at the beginning of December from a shelter called Crash's Landing in Grand Rapids. He wasn't our original pick, but every time I went to the shelter, Steve Purry would just be lounging around somewhere, calm, cool, and collected. Andrew and I just loved how mellow and handsome he was, so we took him home. He is such a good boy, and suuuuuper soft, and very friendly. Here are some photos!

Don't you just love his little white paws? ^.^

He loves to do the Kate Winslet "paint me, Jack" Titanic pose; )

: ) I just love him so much! And you can look forward to lots more adorable photos in the future!

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