Friday, January 25, 2013

How Do You Beat the Winter Blues?

Instantly when writing this title, I realized that many of you probably live someplace warm, not caring for an instant about us northerners barely keeping it together up here. So if you are that person, please remind me that summer will be here...eventually. For the rest of you suffering through this horrid cold front, I want to know - how do you beat the winter blues? This is one of the blog prompts from the Better Blogger Network, and it's a great one. I definitely relate to feeling a little down during the cold months! I'll share my cures and please share yours in return!

Admitting that it's kind of gorgeous outside
It has snowed almost everyday since Sunday this week, and it's just so darn pretty outside! If you live outside of Michigan you probably haven't seen this astounding photo:

I'm a barista so I know my coffee and I love my coffee. Whether I'm pretending the closest Tim Hortons isn't that out of the way or grinding up my own beans here at home to make an extra strong cup of coffee with my favorite Coffee-Mate flavors, I love a good cup of joe! It warms my soul.

As you may know, we recently adopted a cat named Stevie. He is a super sweet boy and luckily will sit with us and relieve our stress as he purrs and purrs. I'm assuming this is part of the reason I haven't felt as blue this winter as I have in winters past!

My friends always make me forget that it's dreary weather. We go to trivia at a local Mexican restaurant every week, have classic movie nights, play silly games, and we recently celebrated the inaugural cottage fest! What more could I ask for?

Andrew and I have been watching all the movies up for Academy Awards - our favorite so far is Django and the only one up for best picture that we haven't seen yet is Amore. Has anyone seen that, by the way?

I used to hate naps, but you know what? They are pretty nice. Sometimes I get home and my extremities are so frozen that I can only get warm doing one of two things - taking a shower or taking a nap. Either way I feel refreshed and most importantly, warm!

And lastly, celebrating the fact that Justin Timberlake has FINALLY RELEASED A NEW SONG!!!!!
Thank the Lord and joy to the world. (Do you like it?)

Also, many of these aforementioned cures go nicely together: cats and naps, films and coffee, coffee after a nap? Get creative; )

So, what helps you get through the bitterly cold and decreasingly shorter days?


  1. Love your suggestions!! For me, the way to beat ANY blues, is to turn up the tunes!! Music always soothes my soul and leaves my feeling lighter and 'warmer'! Also, cuddling with someone I love..for me it's the sweetest 7 year old around...definitely makes me feel happy :)

    1. Great cures: ) Andrew and I are listening to some new music right now and it's totally making me feel better!

  2. I dive into as many projects as possible to make the days go by faster. This means blogging constantly, trying new recipes ( or old ones), painting, drawing, video editing, story writing, or anything that will make the hours pass when I have nothing I have to be doing at the time. I also make sure to exploit the warm days as often as possible. My poor puppy is five pounds and has almost no hair on his underside ( those silly chihuahuas) so we always try to get out on sunny days to remind me of warmer times. We also cheat and take walks around Petco...Lastly, I think about summer and the things I will be doing and wearing. Man I miss shorts...

  3. Lots of Hot Chocolate, Cuddling up in blankets by the fire and watching some great movies, Zumba class and dreaming of the summertime......this is what gets me through!