Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Hippies Are So Phony and Fake"

yesterday evening andrew and i were graciously invited to go to the grand rapids art museum's annual gala by our friend, beth, who is on the executive board at steelcase. we got to wine, dine, and dance with some pretty important people, so that's always an interesting time; ) usually if i am at an event like this, i would be volunteering and not able to wear the dress i wore, which i found it at the goodwill shop i mentioned, blue, for $30, and squeezed myself into it! so it was nice to be a guest for once and enjoy the open bar and dance floor. the gala was based around the Rauschenberg exhibit, so there were some great 60s get-ups. andrew and i just went for the black tie affair standard, but it was great to see how everyone dressed! there was also a great band and lots of go-go dancers to entertain us. i didn't get a lot of great photos, but here's what we snapped:

this flourless chocolate peanut butter cake
was SO GOOD!
go-go dancers and band!
the dance floor
our gracious friend, beth, looking amazing! 
i think andrew's eyes are closed >.<
we got in trouble for taking this photo. i liked the owl, obvs!
60s furniture - i want one!
andrew looked so dashing!

it was a great time, and after my 5 (or so) drinks, i'm not even hungover! also, i found all my jewelry that i had been missing for over a year yesterday, so i got to wear my black dangly earrings! YAY!! 
what i wore: 
dress - from goodwill shop, blue
shoes - urban outfitters
necklace - target, i think?
earrings and ring - forever 21

side note: we ended up missing the super moon last night. we saw it at around 11:15 and it didn't look any bigger than usual, so we didn't bother trying to catch it around midnight. did anyone see it? was it awesome?! hope everyone had a great cinco de mayo!


  1. looks like you guys had a dope time. I want one of those bubble chair thingies :P

    1. yeah it was cool! we should go searching for bubble chairs!